Running a Virtual London Marathon For Cancer Research

The start of a journey

Maddy Griffin, who is part of our JM Athletes family, started running five years ago when one of her friends persuaded her to run a half-marathon. In the meantime, she finished multiple full-marathons and even ultra-marathons. However, one of her lifetime running goals is, to run the London Marathon at least once. As her roots lie in the UK, running the London Marathon means more than just participating a race in the heart of England, but it is a great way to reconnect with her extended family in Great Britain.


Running for charity

Maddy’s plan was not only to run for herself but also going the extra mile for a good cause and to support people all over the world fighting cancer. Her grandad passed away from cancer in 2011 and her grandmother beat cancer, also because of the research done by the Cancer Research UK. Therefore, this organization has a special place in her heart and with the 2020 London Marathon she started to raise money to support their work. Her goal was reaching for at least £2,000 ($2,500) that will help people all around the globe.  


The virtual 2020 London Marathon all around Denver

As the Covid-19 pandemic affects all running events in 2020 worldwide, Maddy sadly had to defer her London Marathon entry to 2021 and from there into 2023. But that did not stop her from running the 26.2 miles in a virtual 2020 London Marathon trail run around Denver, CO to raise awareness and thus funding for cancer research. She was able to raise £2,820.70 ($3,480.60) for a good cause. All money goes directly to funding Cancer Research UK, which is not only limited to the UK.


Maddy's running gear to race for a good cause
Maddy's running gear to race for a good cause

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