Ensuring Mechanical Integrity for Insulation Systems

Insulation is an essential part of every facility’s mechanical integrity program. While most people understand that it is a key component to ensuring industrial operations run as efficiently and sustainably as possible, it is also a crucial component to mitigating CUI, preventing water ingress, and even prolonging the life of the pipes and equipment.

A well-designed and maintained insulation system is the first step to ensuring system efficiency and longevity. This means that for any capital or maintenance project,  system designers need to consider the unique needs of their systems, the impact of the surrounding environment, and facilities that utilize a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) program, must consider how an insulation can affect corrosion rate calculations. Thorough designers may also take into consideration additional variables and near worst-case conditions that could potentially stress or damage the system, such as floods or impact abuse.

Once a well-designed system has been properly installed, maintaining that system with a thorough and robust maintenance schedule is critical to ensuring operational integrity. A damaged system may not only run less efficiently, it could create the potential for water ingress, introduce the likelihood for damage to the pipes from corrosion, threaten the mechanical integrity of the asset or increase burn injury risks for personnel.  System maintenance is just as crucial as system design.

It’s important to keep in mind that designing and maintaining a robust insulation system is not always an easy endeavor. It comes with challenges and recommended practices that facility owners should be aware of.

We will be discussing these challenges and best practices in our upcoming webinar with Inspectioneering on November 11th, at 2 PM ET. JM’s Industrial Product Engineer, Marybeth Jones and National Specification Manager, Scott Sinclair, will join Inspectioneering’s Chief Editor and Founder, Greg Alvarado, for a unique webinar with a live Q&A discussion regarding how insulation plays a role in CUI and RBI programs.

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