National Safety Month: Mental Health and Wellness

​June is National Safety Month, and the National Safety Council (NSC) chose Mental Health and Wellness as its first weekly topic of focus because mental health directly impacts safety. Click here for an article from NSC about staying safe and sane while physical distancing.  

Sandy Galganski, Divisional Health and Safety Leader for Roofing Systems, asked the RS team to share how they prioritize their mental health.  

Clayton Christian, RS Technical Rep, said he brings his office into the great outdoors to destress.  

I am very task oriented and have the tendency to get caught up in work, especially when traveling,” Christian said. “I am up late working on reports and other relevant office work, so to help prevent burnout, I occasionally take my laptop and phone on a hike, find a pretty spot and complete reports there.” 

This provides a nice change of scenery and gives him a chance to enjoy nature while being productive.  

I’ve found some beautiful remote offices!” he said. Check out these scenes from some of Clayton’s recent remote workspaces: 

Mental Health Img.1 1000x300
Mental Health Img.2 1000x300