JM Single Ply Liquid Flashing

Looking for an easy solution to flash difficult angles and penetrations? Announcing JM Single Ply Liquid Flashing—our new cold applied, polyurethane-based product which combines the ease of a liquid application with the strength of a reinforcing scrim. The result is a uniform, self-terminating flashing ideal for tying together most common roofing materials with all JM single ply membranes, even EPDM.

This liquid-based product allows for the flexibility you need to create attractive, functional flashings and address odd-shaped penetrations. The pre-portioned packs are for operator ease-of-use and they ensure optimum mixing ratio every time.


  • Can be included in the JM Peak Advantage® Guarantee as part of an overall JM system
  • Works on all JM single ply membranes (TPO, PVC, EPDM)
  • Highly reflective UV resistant white in color
  • Mostly odorless, LVOC and solvent-free
  • Pre-portioned packs ensure the optimum mixing ratio


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