Black Duct wrap installed.

Using Duct Insulation as a Design Element

Traditionally, insulation has found its place hiding behind walls, not wanting to be seen. But times are changing. Today’s designers have turned away from hiding HVAC systems. Now, they are embracing the new industrial trend of spiral ducts and pipes to create a statement piece out of building components, incorporating them into the aesthetic design of the space rather than hiding them behind walls and ceilings.

Johns Manville’s black duct wrap, Microlite® Black PSK, is one of the newest additions to the market of aesthetic insulations. This material is a Formaldehyde-free™ duct wrap with a black-coated PSK facing. The facing has a black matte finish that was designed specifically to be left exposed. Accompanied by matching tape, JMs Black Duct wrap is the ideal insulation for those who want their ducts to provide more than just functionality. This article discusses a variety of insulation materials that you can use to  insulate exposed piping and duct work.

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