"Outgoing Tide" by Ed Bagdonas; oil paint on JM GoBoard

Oil Painter Uses Johns Manville GoBoard as His Canvas

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Ed Bagdonas, a computer programmer who lives in East Orleans, Massachusetts, loves to create oil paintings. Several years ago, he found an unconventional and effective canvas for his artwork: JM GoBoard.

Ed discovered GoBoard through his home renovations. One day, he needed a quick panel for painting an outdoor scene and prepped a piece of GoBoard by painting it white with Gesso, a white paint binder mixture used as a base for wood panels, canvases and sculpture surfaces.

Ed found that GoBoard provided an excellent surface for his oil paintings — which include portraits, figures and landscapes — due to its light weight, durability and low-acid pH level.

“It is a great surface,” Ed said. “It’s easy to cut and sand and is rigid. Even better, the low-acid pH of 7.7 also ensures a long life for my artwork.” 

Ed attended Syracuse University and originally planned to graduate with a BFA in painting and illustration. However, a viewing of the original Tron film after its release in 1982 led him to pursue a degree in computer graphics. He created a custom-tailored BFA in computer graphics through a combination of courses in art, computer science and math. To this day, painting gives him an opportunity to kinesthetically express his creativity away from the computer screen.

“Paint is tactile…no bits, no bytes,” he said.  

For specific questions about GoBoard, contact Shawna.Lytle@jm.com. For more of Ed’s artwork, check out his website and social channels:

    ● Instagram: @ed_bagdonas 

    ● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/painter.ed/  

All photos courtesy of Ed Bagdonas