The E3 Pallet™

Improve Efficiency and Possibly Generate a New Revenue Stream at Your Facility

As job sites strive to reduce their waste and optimize their processes, new technology like the E3 Pallet™ can be integral to supporting that goal. The E3 Pallet™ is a patented, new pallet design for JM’s 4’x8’ and 4’x10’ pallets. Pallets of these sizes are historically challenging for distributors and construction sites to deal with because they are so large. Their sizes make it difficult to repurpose and costly to dispose of or recycle. The E3 Pallet™ is designed to address these issues. The new design has changed the structure of the pallets by adding an additional runner (4’x10’) or changing the spacing of the runners (4’x8’) so that each pallet size can be cut down into smaller, more functional sizes. The 4’x8’ pallet can be cut into two, 48”x48” pallets, and the 4’x10’ pallet can be cut into three, 48”x40” pallets.

These design changes provide a variety of benefits that are often not obvious when just looking at the pallets. We spoke with a number of our customers to get their take on the benefits of the E3 Pallet™, and came away with the 5 main benefits of the E3 Pallet™.

1. The E3 Pallet™ Allows Facilities to Decrease Their Waste: Pallet recyclers typically want only specific dimensions and wood quality. Large pallets, such as 4’x8’ and 4’x10’ pallets, have undesirable dimensions for standard pick-up; therefore, instead of being recycled, they are often left to rot in open air parking lots. As a result, large pallets can easily become a curbside eye sore next to the building, sitting there for months until they are ultimately taken to the dump. Additionally, large pallets are often hard to re-use or store in a warehouse setting because they are too large for most warehouse purposes. This often leads many facilities to simply send large pallets to the dump because there are few functional alternatives. The E3 Pallet™ is specifically designed to counter the problems with large pallet waste. The E3 Pallet™ can be cut down into standard sized pallets to be re-used in a warehouse or more easily recycled.


2. The E3 Pallet™ Can Save Money: Since many pallet recyclers won’t pick up large pallets, most facilities must organize specific trips to the dump to scrap large pallet waste. Over time, this becomes costly as it requires additional labor, fuel, and dumping fees in order to remove the unwanted large pallets. Some customers cited that the breakdown of the E3 Pallets™ can be easily implemented into their existing workstream, ultimately saving on the labor and waste costs that come with disposing of the large pallets. In addition, many of our customers spend thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year purchasing standard sized shipping pallets for their own uses. By cutting down the E3 Pallet™, facilities can save money both by reducing the cost of pallet removal, and by adding to their own stock of standard sized shipping pallets, reducing their annual spend on standard sized pallets.

3. Optimized Warehouse Function and Storage: One of the unique benefits of the 4’x10’ E3 Pallet™ is that the extra runner helps support maneuverability when moving the pallets with a forklift. On a typical 4’x10’ pallet, only two runners intersect the forklift forks when moving the pallet from the short side. This can cause the forks to poke up into the product on the pallet from the bottom, increasing the potential for damaging the product when unloading trucks. On the 4’x10’ E3 Pallet™ , the forks intersect four runners instead of two, preventing the forks from contacting the product on the pallet. Additionally, cutting down the large pallets into standard sized pallets makes it easier for facilities to more effectively store and re-use the pallets.

4. Potential Revenue Stream: There is a market for resale of standard sized pallets that could create a new revenue stream for some of our customers. Many facilities have found ways to resell standard sized pallets in lieu of their disposal process. By using the E3 Pallet™, facilities can increase their stock of standard sized pallets. Instead of being hindered by a large piece of waste, facilities have the potential to cut down the E3 Pallet™ and add it to their standard sized pallet sales for added revenue.

5. The E3 Pallet™ is Stronger: Pre-grooved products, like Spiracoustic Plus®, offer little structural stability, which can put stress on traditional 4’x10’ pallets. Due to the length of these pallets, the lack of rigidity in products like Spiracoustic Plus causes significant deflection on the pallet itself. The new E3 Pallet™ design incorporates structural changes that help improve the deflection of the larger pallets, making them sturdier when shipping flexible products like Spiracoustic Plus, which reduces the likelihood of damage to the product and the pallet.

4x10 E3 Pallet™
Standard 4x10' Pallet

As the construction industry seeks to support and implement sustainable practices and products, innovations that allow for reduced waste and improved performance, like the E3 Pallet™, are crucial. To learn more about the E3 Pallet™, and which products will be shipped with E3 Pallet™ Technology, click here.