Overcoming Common Safety Issues with the Installation of Industrial Insulation

There are several concerns industrial insulation contractors must consider when installing products in hazardous power plant environments, including the plant’s heat output, the probability of fly ash and acid gas, the implications of tight operating proximity, and many other issues that are unique to specific types of plants and installations. To combat these potentially dangerous situations for insulation installers, contractors must take the necessary precautions, including undergoing a rigorous pre-planning process, conducting a job safety analysis (JSA), mandating in-depth employee education, and providing employees with all of the required personal protective equipment (PPE). While power plant environments can prove to be quite precarious, there are no issues that cannot be overcome with proper regulatory practices and installation techniques.

Depending on the type of plant in which insulation is being installed, contractors face a number of different issues that require special precautions to ensure safe and correct installation. These precautions are determined based on environmental factors within the plant as well as standard pre-planning and safety procedures set in place by both the contractor and the manager of the power plant in which the insulation is being installed.

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