JM Expands SBS Offering with Launch of Polyester Reinforced Self-Adhering Products

Johns Manville has expanded its self-adhering portfolio with the launch of four new polyester reinforced products in the DynaGrip® line. The additional offerings include three unique base sheets with variations in surfacing as well as a granulated cap sheet.

90029379 - DynaGrip Base PR SD/SA

90029381 - DynaGrip Base PR SA/SA

90029380 - DynaGrip Base PR P/SA

90029382 - DynaGrip Cap PR White

These new materials come on the heels of the improved self-adhering formulation recently designed by the Johns Manville technical team. The new formulation brings extended shelf life, increased initial tack performance, and a higher softening point to enhance the track resistance of our products.

The Johns Manville team is focused on creating value for our customers and ensuring ease of installation for our contractors. These new products fill a gap in those offerings and ensure that we are providing the same performance our partners have come to rely on with our DynaGrip line while also incorporating the robust tear strength and puncture resistance associated with our polyester reinforcements. These sheets will also exhibit strong dimensional stability and enhanced elongation characteristics for even the harshest of conditions.

All four DynaGrip PR products will be manufactured in South Gate, CA, Plattsburgh, NY, and Macon, GA facilities.