Top Webinars from 2018

We had a lot of great webinars in 2018, and we’ve taken a few minutes to dig into which ones were the most popular. Below, we’ve outlined our top three webinars from the year. You can find all of them on The Source or link directly to them from the article below.

  1. Considerations for Insulating Ducts in Exterior & Unconditioned Spaces: Take a deep dive into the 2015 IECC code requirements for ducts in unconditioned and exterior spaces. Our hosts, Brennan Hall and Lance Bonin, of Johns Manville, and Tom Sheehan, from Damon Insulation, detail the latest code evolutions and outline new insulating materials you can use to meet the new code.

    They also discuss the unique challenges of insulating rooftop ducts, including insulation material choice, cladding considerations, and key components to rooftop duct insulation installations.

  2. The State of the Transportation Industry: The trials and tribulations of the transportation industry have been in a hot topic in the news this past year, and for good reason. The industry is facing several headwinds, from a major shortage of truck drivers to legislation that limits drivable hours. This is causing transportation costs to skyrocket, while simultaneously increasing the amount of time it takes to deliver goods, and it’s impacting many industries across North America. 

    That said, while we are all at the mercy of the transportation industry, there are steps you can take to mitigate the cost to your business. WatchThe State of the Transportation Industrywith David Sardinta as your host to learn how you can decrease the impact of the rising costs of transportation on your business.

  3. HVAC Product Webinar: JM’s Senior HVAC Product Manager, Brennan Hall, takes a detailed dive into the JM HVAC Product Portfolio in our HVAC Product Webinar. This webinar is great for anyone in the HVAC industry looking to get their feet wet and learn about the HVAC insulation products that are available. Brennan outlines the performance characteristics for each of JM’s HVAC insulations, including their performance characteristics. He also takes a detailed look at the latest product releases from Johns Manville, including our complete R-12 duct insulation portfolio.

If these webinars don’t cover exactly what you’re looking for, take a few minutes to peruse the rest of the content we have on The Source. While these are the most popular webinars from 2018, we have many more covering a wide range of topics, from sustainability, to insulating chilled water applications, to the science of insulating ducts. You’ll also find access to our blog, online training resources, and specification comparisons on The Source.

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