Announcing ProtectoR® HD

Johns Manville introduced high-density polyiso cover boards to the market over ten years ago with Invinsa®.  Building off the proven success of that original innovation, Johns Manville is proud to announce ProtectoR HD, a ½” thick, high-density polyiso cover board with Grade 1 compressive strength (min. 80 psi up to 110) and an R-value of 2.5.  ProtectoR HD offers excellent resistance to harsh rooftop conditions including hail, wind uplift, puncture and moisture in a competitive package.  ProtectoR HD provides reduced FM 1-90 fastening rates with as few as 8 fasteners per 4’x8’ board. 

ProtectoR HD Fastening Pattern

This is up to a 50% reduction in fasteners and plates required to achieve FM 1-90 over min. 22 ga steel or structural concrete decks as compared to other high-density polyiso cover boards.

ProtectoR HD is manufactured in Bremen, IN, Cornwall, ON, Fernley, NV, Hazleton, PA and Jacksonville, FL. 

Installation and Specification:

Installation of ProtectoR HD follows the same guidelines as Invinsa and polyisocyanurate insulations, with joints butted tightly together and joints offset a minimum of 6”. This product is to be installed with the printed side “This side down” facing the deck.  Boards are secured using appropriate fasteners and flat bottom plates or adhered using low rise urethane foam adhesive in ribbons.  ProtectoR HD is compatible with all single ply application methods, except ballast, as well as cold applied and self-adhered modified bitumen membrane applications.  ProtectoR HD is eligible to be included in the JM Peak Advantage® Guarantee.