JM Expands Coatings Offering

The JM Liquid Coatings line has expanded to include Acrylic, Acrylic CR, and Silicone into the portfolio.  The focus of these products is to extend the life of an approved existing roofing system.

Installation, flashing details, data sheets and supporting product information are located on under Coatings.

New products include:

  • JM Coating Universal Base
  • JM Coating Single Ply Primer
  • JM Coating Acrylic - 5, 55, and 275 gallons
  • JM Coating Acrylic CR
  • JM Coating Acrylic Flashing
  • JM Coating Silicone - 5 and 55 gallons
  • JM Coating Silicone Flashing
  • JM Coating Field Polyester Reinforcing Fabric 40"x324'
  • JM Coating Polyester Reinforcing Fabric - 4", 6", and 12" x 300'
  • JM Coating Repair Tape - 4" and 6" x 50'


Please contact JM Guarantee Services for specific system requirements and guarantee terms at 800-922-5922 option 2.