2019 Roofing Day in D.C.

This year’s Roofing Day in D.C. was held April 4-5 at our Nation’s Capitol. Industry organizations, manufactures, and other roofing companies met Congress with over 400 professionals to discuss top issues the industry faces. The three main topics being discussed were:

  1. Immigration reform to meet the industry’s needs - Read the details here
  2. Supporting a Robust Buildings component for infrastructure legislation
  3. Expanded workforce training incentives


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National Women in Roofing

The day before Roofing Day, National Women in Roofing met with a handful of women in Congress. Over 60 women gathered to facilitate conversations about becoming more involved with their local politics and how their involvement can benefit both the industry and themselves as individuals. Johns Manville, a Diamond Sponsor, was present with our Director of Sales, Jennifer Ford-Smith, Director of Technology, Zub Sukle, and our Pacific Preferred Accounts Manager and NWIR Chair, Jennifer Stone. Topics also covered immigration, technical education and the next generation of skilled trade workers.