Insulation Maintenance: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

In the case of insulation systems, the phrase out of sight, out of mind, often applies. Most commercial insulation work and many industrial insulation systems are hard to access or are hidden in walls, ceiling areas, or spaces that are seldom seen. These rarely seen insulation systems are designed to perform quietly for many years with little maintenance, so they are often left uninspected until a major problem occurs. For most applications operating at above-ambient temperatures (especially indoors), maintenance is very minimal. Routine maintenance is more necessary for insulation systems that are outdoors and exposed to weather damage, or indoor systems that may encounter damage from personnel. The case for maintenance comes down to a simple analysis of the cost of energy saved or lost versus the cost of the repair. Maintenance can also be required to prevent a safety issue, (e.g., burn protection). In this case, repairs must be made immediately.

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