Two-Part Urethane Insulation Adhesive Offering Expansion

Key Features & Important Information:

  • JM 2P UIA Canisters offer fast start-up, fast shut down, no equipment maintenance and no lost-time due to installation rig issues for greatly improved rooftop productivity.
  • JM 2P UIA Canisters can provide up to 20% more coverage than previous solutions
    • Up to 35 squares per set for insulation attachment @ 12” OC, depending on the weather conditions and insulation type.
  • Pressurized flow allows “stop and start” installation eliminating the need for a serpentine bead pattern.
  • Pressurization creates a “Dynamically Foamed” bead that is quickly ready for board installation, increasing install efficiency over traditional solutions.
    • Less ballast is required over “Dynamically Foamed” adhesive
  • JM 2P UIA Canister can be installed in a spatter and now gives an option for using 2P UIA for fleece-backed membranes.
  • Apply JM 2P UIA Canisters can be applied in temperatures ranging from 40°F to 100°F (4°C to 38°C).
    • Canisters must be at 70°F at time of application
  • Each JM 2P UIA Canister set comes with a disposable 25-foot (8m) hose, gun assembly, 6 mixing tips and 3 extension tubes.
  • The gun assembly has a trigger lock to prevent accidental dispensing.
    • The gun assembly can remain in the locked position and partially used containers can be stored up to 30 days for use on another project.
  • The Canisters have a punch-out and can be easily disposed or sold as scrap.
  • JM 2P UIA is odor free and has ultra-low VOC levels.