All Hail is About to Break Loose

FM consistently monitors and evaluates claims related to damaged commercial roofs.  The data indicates roofs in the very severe area have a higher incidence of roof failure claims due to more severe hail events.  As a result, FM has developed a new rating, VSH or “Very Severe Hail” rating.  Not only are the systems subject to a force four times greater than the previous highest rated assembly (SH or Severe Hail), but now the samples are exposed to UV for 1000 hours, heat aged for 42 days and then cooled to a mere 45°F prior to impact testing.  The test is designed to push products to failure thereby only allowing the toughest systems to pass so that buildings are better protected in these areas and ultimately, claims are reduced.

JM has the first 2-ply modified assembly to meet the new VSH requirements.  Previous assemblies were designed to protect up to a 2” diameter hail ball or what’s commonly referred to as the size of a hen egg.  VSH is designed to withstand the impact of a 3” hail stone or “tea cup” size.  The system consists of DynaWeld™ Cap 250 FR, DynaWeld™ 180 S over ½” gypsum adhered in urethane ribbons and polyisocyanurate on a steel deck.  An optional 3-ply system is also available using either DynaWeld™ 180 S or DynaWeld™ 250 S.

The VSH locations previously covered have tripled in size. VSH now covers three times the geographic area as it did in the past.  Please contact your local sales representative to learn more on the options we have to protect your investment.