JM Expands EPDM FIT Offering to Include One-Sided Pre-Taped

Johns Manville launched EPDM FIT (Factory Inseam Tape) with two-sided Pre-Taped product in March 2015 with their patented tape-to-tape solution. This product has seen significant growth over the past 3+ years. Due to this success JM has decided to expand their offering to include a one-sided pre-taped solution available January 14th, 2019. JM’s one-sided pre-taped product will be offered with 4” or 6” FIT. This expansion will also include the addition of 20’ & 30’ one-sided pre-taped. Johns Manville EPDM R FIT for mechanically fastened systems will continue to be only offered with a tape-to-tape (2-Sided) configuration.

JM will continue to produce their patented two-sided tape solution as a made-to-order product and they will offer one-sided tape as a stocked item. A complete list of stocked and made-to-order products will be distributed in your January 1st, 2019 price pages.

The new one-sided pre-taped product will be available for shipment on January 14th, 2019. Please contact your sales rep or account manager with any questions.