Minimize Corrosion Reduction in Power Distribution

We have all experienced corrosion in the form of rusting bridges, road salt corroding aluminum wheels and rusting our vehicles. These same corrosion processes occur in power distribution equipment, especially in offshore or near-shore locations, with the potential for causing catastrophic failures. Corrosion is a naturally occurring process that affects virtually all metals, though at different rates.

Corrosion can be a cosmetic issue, but most likely will always affect the function of a device/part/component in a negative way. Power distribution systems not functioning as designed may result in significant safety or performance concerns.

Corrosion can never be stopped, but the rate of corrosion can be slowed down through the selection of proper materials including selection of base materials and coatings. Additionally, a robust maintenance program will help evaluate when corrosion has affected critical functions that can be addressed prior to safe operations being compromised.

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