Field Noise Reduction in the Huge Industrial Plants for Accurate Prediction

Proper noise controls of the industrial plants based on accurate noise prediction are important since noise from these plants will affect wide area both inside and outside of the plants. Also, occupational noise exposure is serious problem for workers of the plants. However, it is not easy to predict the noise propagation from the industrial plants such as refineries, petrochemical and gas treatment plants because of their huge amount of noise sources and complicated structures as obstacles and reflectors. At the inter-noise conferences in the last two years, we have presented our field data of noise propagation from industrial plants over the desert and sea with prediction results followed by ISO method. In this paper we focus on sound propagation in the near filed of the industrial plants. From our new field measurements, the effect of the noise sources, obstacles, and various field circumstances is discussed. We also try to improve the usage of the ISO calculation methods for each plant condition at design phase based on our measurement experience.

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