JM BUR System with GlasKap® CR G Effectively Meets Title 24 and Production Goals

Fitting of its "Inland Empire" location, Perris Logistics Center is a huge structure, with a roof of over 1.2 million square feet. This very warm and often windy Southern California area requires a building with high thermal efficiency, to protect the valuable products and high tech equipment inside as well as keep energy costs down. The center needed a "cool" roof that was reliable in the wind and elements. However, the Inland Empire also had an approaching rainy season. Building owner Duke Realty had a client anxious to move in and a demanding construction schedule. The team from Saddleback Roofing and Johns Manville suggested a JM BUR roof with GlasKap CR G, a new fiber glass-reinforced, reflective, mineral-surfaced cool roof cap sheet product that sounded ideal for this scenario.

The roofing application of this massive logistics center project needed to meet a number of significant challenges. It needed excellent reflectivity and thermal efficiency to comply with California Title 24, as well as the Conditions of Approval from the city of Perris. The roof also had to perform without fail against 110 mph wind speed uplift requirements. The owners also hoped to achieve LEED certification and reduce cooling costs in the hot Southern California sun. In addition, the owner and general contractor were pressuring to get the roof completed ahead of the rainy season, and to allow interior construction, the installation of this massive roof project required superior productivity to remain on schedule.

"We’ve worked with JM since 1980, in several states," said Ralph Dion, president of Saddleback Roofing. "We’re confident in their products and their expertise. The dependability of their BUR system has been proven over and over." In its first large-scale application, the new GlasKap CR G cap sheet over the built-up roof exceeded all expectations. The reflectivity of the mineral-surfaced granules is effectively compliant with Title 24 and local regulations.

The GlasKap CR G also demonstrated outstanding workability, relaxing quickly and laying flatter than a factory-coated sheet, allowing it to be applied quickly. The uncoated end and side laps proved to be a significant improvement, providing much easier and superior adhesion. "The forgiving attributes of the product really helped increase the speed of the application," said Dion. The immense installation required as many as 35 workers on the roof at a time and three asphalt tankers to be ready. But combined with JM’s ability to have the product produced and available in a timely fashion, the installation moved quickly, meeting all the requirements of the fast-track schedule. "This seemed to be a much more efficient system," said Steven Donnay, VP asset management of Duke Realty. "It eliminated the extra time and labor of applying a coating after the roof was installed. We were pleased to meet all of our deadlines. It’s a product we’ll continue to use." The cool white surface also resisted dirt and staining from foot traffic, adding an aesthetically pleasing look to the durability of the BUR roof system. "We’re extremely proud of how well this project went and very impressed with the capabilities of the new product, "said Dion. While the roof is new, the proven durability of a JM BUR system and the excellent performance of the GlasKap CR G have all the partners confident in the energy efficiency and long-term sustainability of the roof.