Enhanced New Look with PVC Profile Solution

The old three-tab shingles on the De Portola Middle School roof were deteriorating and dislodging. The transition point of the asphalt shingles to a low-slope, built-up roof was weakening and leaks were starting to occur. With a new building nearby on the campus, the original middle school was showing its age. Looking for a durable solution and the need to give the school a more contemporary look, project architect Ruth Fajarit-Davis of Zagrodnik + Thomas Architects turned to Johns Manville.

"We wanted a single style system, both for the aesthetics of this very visible roof and for the continuity to more effectively make the transition from the steep to low-slope areas," said Fajarit-Davis. "Of course it needed to be durable and low maintenance as well." She also noted there were quite a few penetrations from an updated HVAC system. That’s when JM’s extensive product line, flexibility and industry knowledge demonstrated its real value.

"Working with Charles Laughery, our JM rep, was extremely helpful," said Fajarit-Davis. "We evaluated different options based on our goals, and Charles recommended a PVC membrane and PVC Profile solution. He helped us explain the system to our clients at the school district and provided color samples so that everyone was on board and excited about the solution."

Roof Construction owner Ron Chambers was also very positive. "We have a lot of experience with the JM product line, although this was the first PVC Profile project that required roughly 540 squares in total roofing. The steep slope of some of the roofs presented some challenges, but the project went exceptionally well! The overall aesthetics of the facility was a complete transformation and success."

Robert Morris, project manager for the San Diego Unified School District, was more than pleased with the results. "We were delighted to discover that the reflectivity of the section utilizing white PVC not only met Energy Star® and California Title 24 specifications, but actually provided a great new source of natural light for many of the classrooms. Overall the new PVC roof has dramatically elevated both the performance of our roof and the appearance of our school."