Corrosion Under Insulation: The Challenge and Need for Insulation

When it comes to corrosion under insulation (CUI), I tend to call it a "minefield," and for more than one reason. It’s not only a hidden phenomenon, but it's also one that can really come back to bite companies who don’t invest in a good CUI mitigation strategy, because sooner or later, those companies are going to get their names in the papers due to unwanted accidents, production loss and environmental damages. (Gain an introduction to CUI in Understanding Insulation Chemistry Proven to Inhibit CUI.)

But when the proverbial horse has bolted, a lot of asset owners want to close the stable doors by implementing rigorous measures. The problem is that they often only focus on a short-term solution, such as dismantling the entire thermal insulation; in some cases welding where wall thickness loss is critical; recoating equipment or piping and then reinsulating—in most cases with the same insulation system as before.

With CUI, it's best to think about long-term solutions and minimizing future failures. Of course, this takes an effort at all phases of the life cycle and starts with senior management allocating enough budget.

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