JM Presents New CUI Research at NACE Corrosion 2017

At Johns Manville, our technical teams continually collaborate with industrial industry experts to provide the latest information designers need to consider when specifying insulating materials for industrial applications. As part of that effort, two of our leading technical experts, Dr. Ames Kulprathipanja, JM Innovation Leader, and David Shong, Sr. Specification Representative, are proud to present the following topics at the upcoming National Association for Corrosion Engineers (NACE) Corrosion Conference & Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 26-30:


David’s presentation will cover the critical role that insulation selection plays in your CUI-prevention strategy. He will discuss the corrosive-potential of a variety of insulations as established per ASTM test method C1617 and address the importance of understanding how to interpret both the ASTM test results and the specification standards. David’s presentation will go into the details of insulation chemistry and how it interacts with corrosive environments to influence CUI.


  • Dr. Ames Kulprathipanja - Wednesday, March 29th (2:00 PM): Evaluating CUI in Corrosion-Prone Environments – the latest results from innovative, new corrosion under insulation (CUI) test methods. 


Ames’ presentation will review the exciting results from long-term corrosion testing that observed how fully insulated, real-world assemblies performed in highly corrosive conditions. These test methods were designed and conducted by an independent, third-party research and testing organization to ensure that the study, methodologies, and interpretation of the results were objective. As Johns Manville’s senior leader on the study, Ames will discuss the final conclusions from the testing and what they mean in terms of insulation selection criteria.

In addition to these presentations, JM will also host an exhibitor’s booth at the corrosion expo (booth #2651).  Please stop by to meet with Ames and David before and/or after their presentations for any follow up and to learn more about JM’s exciting product innovations and offerings.  Additionally, other JM engineers and representatives will be available to help answer any questions you may have pertaining to our products, CUI, or where to find additional information that may help you in your CUI-prevention strategy. 

You can stop by our booth at your leisure, or, if you want to guarantee a timeslot, please click here to schedule an appointment with one of our team members.

If you’re unable to attend Ames’ presentation, we encourage you to read our three-part blog series, detailing the research and the findings from the third-party tests.

  1. A Systems Application Approach to Corrosion Testing
  2. A Systems Application Approach to Corrosion Testing Part 2: The Corrosion Results
  3. A Systems Application Approach to Corrosion Testing Part 3: The Thermal Results

We look forward to seeing you at NACE 2017!