Report: Advanced Nuclear Tech Could Be Lifeline for Industry

Advanced nuclear technology brought to fruition could produce electricity at an average levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) roughly 40% lower than conventional pressurized water reactors, according to a July 25 study by the Energy Innovation Reform Project and Energy Options Network (EON). “At these costs, nuclear would be effectively competitive with any other option for power generation. At the same time, this could enable a significant expansion of the nuclear footprint to the parts of the world that need clean energy the most—and can least afford to pay high price premiums for it,” the report says.

Based on data provided by eight advanced reactor companies, EON created a cost model that includes default values for each potential cost category for an nth-of-a-kind (NOAK) nuclear plant (based on previous cost studies conducted at national laboratories) and provides the capability for companies to incorporate new business models and delivery strategies. 

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