Roofing Plant Safety Campaign - Employee Recognition

“The goal of the employee recognition campaign was to develop tools for the plants to be able to use to drive recognition at all levels of the roofing systems division, from the plant floor to global recognition through using social media and other platforms,” stated Casey McClain, EH&S Specialist in Plattsburgh. The team developed recognition cards, which can be used at each facility however they see fit. It was important to create a way for operators and plant staff to recognize each other for their safe actions. Anyone at the facility can use these cards, and recognition doesn’t always have to be from the top down, it can come from any employee. The cards are used to let the person know they are doing the right thing and to thank them for their safe behavior.

The next step was looking for a way to take the recognition across the division, so the team developed a slide and asked plants to select an individual, a team, or a group that they felt went above and beyond. Once a decision was made, they then submit the slide to be built into a slideshow for display across the entire division and at all facilities as well as at the World Headquarters in Denver, CO. Often plants have ways to recognize employees within their plant but the team wanted to develop a way to recognize them beyond the walls of our individual facilities and let them see what others are doing.

The team’s next goal was finding a way to take a step further, working with Marketing Specialist, Liz Martin. The team recognized they have a platform that would not only allow them to recognize their employees at an even higher level, but also show the safety culture at JM to their families, friends, customers and suppliers. The team is working with RS leadership and the plants to select a quarterly MVP. The MVP could be an employee or team at a facility that helped to drive safety at their facility or even across the division.  They will then be recognized on the TV’s at WHQ and in the quarterly newsletter as well.

The team also looked at ways to improve visibility by developing posters for each facility, these posters tie in the visuals from the new “Safety Continues Here” campaign and each location can use these posters to recognize those who go above and beyond.

McClain also stated, “our vision of this program is to develop a way to recognize our employees in a way that is meaningful, impactful, and engages them to actively be drivers of the JM Core Values as this program is a way for us to be People champions whose Passion is in going the extra mile by finding new ways to recognize our team members for their contributions every day so that they continue to safely Perform at a higher level while they Protect themselves, each other and those around us at all times."