Logistics Lighting Partnership

Johns Manville is excited to announce our partnership with Logistics Lighting to create the Johns Manville skylight program.  The skylight program was established to allow JM to integrate skylights into their client projects, and incorporate a seamless process for including a complete system with the roofing package.  This program includes various skylight products with different brands, in order to provide the most cost effective option, with up to a 20-year warranty.  The products offered through the program include; skylights, smoke vents, tubular skylights, safety screens, burglar bars, and roof curbs. There are also several services offered through the JM skylight program, including design and layout of skylights, energy savings calculations, specification review, submittal packages, and project specific meetings with designers and contractors.

This program has allowed JM to broaden their offering and create more opportunities for our customers to diversify based on their needs. Logistics Lighting has extensive knowledge when it comes to skylights and combining their experience with the expertise that JM brings to roofing, creates real value for the consumers. This provides consumers with quality products, a competitive price, and a guarantee that is backed by a trusted company.

The JM skylight program includes a skylight warranty, issued by JM, as an addendum to the 20-year roof guarantee.  The 20-year guarantee is only available on Velux and Kingspan products.  The other two brands that are offered are Sunoptics and Wasco, and those have up to five and 10-year warranties, depending on the product.

Eric Huffman, President of Logistics Lighting stated, “We are proud to be a part of the Johns Manville skylight program. We are honored to serve Johns Manville clients and sales team, and to provide the finest skylight and smoke vent options for their projects, combined with the best warranty available. The skylight program allows JM to help their clients to cost-effectively meet their daylighting and sustainability goals, and serve as a single source for the entire roof guarantee.”

Logistics Lighting, LLC was established in 2011, with an initial focus to provide products that help consumers with skylight replacements. Their Mission: “To be the distributors of choice for skylights, and related products, for the clients we are privileged to serve.  With a fanatical commitment to servicing clients with expertise, accuracy, integrity and accountability.”  With their reliable products and focus on energy efficiency, JM believes this partnership will be beneficial for both companies, as well as the clients they serve.

Contact Eric Huffman with any questions about the skylight program.

Eric Huffman
President, Logistics Lighting, LLC
(307) 633-9696