Application Concerns in Winter Conditions are Solved with 12ft JM PVC

Winters in Northeast Ohio are consistently challenging, with snow, wind and freezing temperatures. For a new high school in Streetsboro, Ohio, roofing contractor Boak & Sons relied on their experience with Johns Manville systems. They were confident that the exceptional weathering capabilities of a JM PVC system would ensure effective building operation, energy efficiency and a secure learning environment for this 117,571-square-foot project.

The project spread over ten different roof areas and multiple elevations, which left little margin for error with the roofing application. The schedule was also very aggressive, which meant much of the roof needed to be applied in winter conditions. Boak & Sons project manager Fred Palumbo turned to JM for its expertise and expansive offering. "We’re glad to have a company with the resources of JM working with us on this project," Palumbo noted. "Keeping the roof on schedule was critical to allow the general contractor to keep all aspects of the project delivering on time."

It was determined that the best solution for this job would be JM PVC Fleece-Backed 60 mil membrane and the JM RSUA (Roofing System Urethane Adhesive). "My previous experience with JM assured me that they had the products to fit my application needs," said Palumbo. The 12' PVC membrane helped meet performance requirements, and the adhesive allowed continued application in temperatures as low as 25˚F. "The 12' Fleece-backed PVC sheet worked out great! The wider sheet reduced seaming and allowed Boak & Sons the opportunity to lay out more roofing membrane quickly. This was a huge benefit considering most of this work was done in winter and spring conditions", Palumbo stated. "This allowed all construction to progress on time and eliminated the cost for installation of temporary roofing."

*Note: Contact JM Technical Services for special application instructions at temperatures between 25°F - 40°F.