Free Learning Opportunities You Don’t Want to Miss

The industrial industry is facing a dilemma: we have a swath of experienced professionals retiring who are being replaced by talented, but inexperienced, newcomers. While the younger generation brings enthusiasm, technological aptitude, and a new perspective to the table, the simple fact is, their years of education lack the information that can only come from on-the-job experience.

When experienced industry experts retire, they also take decades worth of “tribal knowledge” with them. This can be everything from simple tricks-of-the-trade, to understanding why a job is done a certain way. Without this knowledge and experience, it’s distinctly possible to see a drop in efficiency or even a decline in accuracy or safety.

That said, how do you prevent the knowledge gap from happening? As Johns Manville has been in the insulation industry for more than 158 years, we’ve seen generations of turnover, and have discovered that there is one fool-proof solution: simply refuse to let anyone retire…

…or you can take advantage of a wealth training opportunities to equip your talented new employees with information provided by experienced industry experts. There are a number of opportunities to do this, and we offer several at Johns Manville that are specifically designed for professionals in the industrial industry. Our resources include things like blogs, white papers, webinars, videos, and hands-on training workshops, like our Industrial Product Information Workshop (a free, 2-day workshop introducing JM industrial insulations).

We also offer an advanced workshop, the Johns Manville Industrial Insulation Group Industrial Masters Course. We will be hosting our second JM Industrial Masters Course on May 17 – 18th in Houston, Tx. This is a free, highly detailed course for industrial industry professionals who are looking for an opportunity to take a deep dive into various industrial materials (beyond insulation), high-priority industry topics, and important details surrounding material standards and specifications.

The JM Industrial Masters Course brings together co-presenters from a variety of different industrial manufacturers and covers topics ranging from metal jacketing to corrosion under insulation (CUI). It is targeted toward engineers and specifiers, and is designed to help equip them to improve their specifications and designs for enhanced efficiency and accuracy, both in the final product as well as in the design phase. The JM Industrial Masters Course is open to engineers with any level of experience in the industrial industry.

However, this opportunity isn’t just for engineers and specifiers. Contractors and other industry professionals will find the wealth of knowledge and expertise available at this forum to be highly useful. Each presenter will be open to questions following his or her presentation, creating an engaging dialogue between course presenters and course attendees. Individuals who aren’t engineers who wish to attend the JM Industrial Masters Course are required to have at least five years of industry experience.

The JM Industrial Masters Course is availablefree of chargefor all attendees. The seats for this course are limited, however, so sign up quickly, as all spots are on a first-come-first-served basis. Please bear in mind that while the course itself is free, attendees are required to pay for all travel-related expenses, including airfare, ground transportation, and hotel accommodations.

For additional information on the JM Industrial Masters Course, please click here.