JM isoweld® - The Newest Addition to our Fastener Line

Utilizing induction weld technology, JM isoweld® simultaneously fastens the insulation and membrane for 60+ mil TPO and PVC systems.   JM isoweld® is a 3.12" (79.2 mm) round G-90 steel plate with a flat bonding surface of proprietary adhesive coating. 

JM isoweld® plates can be purchased with the rest of your roofing materials and installed with the SFS isoweld® 3000 induction tool. 

JM isoweld® system Advantages:

Easy to use

  • Only 2 settings - use the digital interface to select membrane type and thickness
  • Calibrate in the morning and the machine adjusts throughout the day
  • Color change and audible tone indicate when a plate is found and the weld is complete.


Consistent Results

  • Full-time “Search & Find” allows user to quickly locate the plate under the membrane
  • “Search & Find” prevents partial welds and false positives – the tool will not energize until the plate is fully covered
  • Outboard temperature probe – measures the membrane surface temperature and communicates with digital controls to continuously adjust the tool to initial calibration
  • “x2” welding technology accounts for a double thickness of membrane (at seams or flashing areas)


Increased Production

  • Hand-held tool for flashings and hard to reach areas
  • Magnets with removable handles for those same hard to reach areas
  • Power compensation minimizes issues with the generator
  • One-time calibration prevents multiple destructive tests throughout the day


No up-front costs

  • Tools are loaned out rather than purchased


For more information on JM isoweld® please refer to our JM isoweld® Product Page where you can view the data sheets for JM isoweld® and Dekfast Fasteners.