Announcing Our New JM LVOC Membrane Adhesive (TPO & EPDM)

The JM LVOC Membrane Adhesive (TPO & EPDM) will immediately replace the JM TPO Low VOC Membrane Adhesive (7004357) and will replace the JM EPDM Membrane Adhesive (Low VOC) (70000626).

Like the JM TPO Water Based Membrane Adhesive, the JM LVOC Membrane Adhesive (TPO & EPDM) is a joint development, leveraging JM and partner’s chemical expertise with a customer requirements and field testing protocol.  Thank you again to our installer partners for your help in making this a truly improved offering. 

  • Same price as the previous solution
  • Improved wind uplift and fire ratings
  • Approved for TPO and EPDM membranes
  • Reduced flash times
  • Easier handling, especially at lower temperatures
  • Improved spreadability
  • Increased shelf-stability