Market Currents: Seven things to consider in crude oil markets today

The oil and gas market has experienced severe volatility over the last several years, and while this has been great for consumers who have been able to benefit from lower prices at the fuel pump, it has also proven to be a major frustration for many business owners in the oil and gas industry. The turbulence in the O & G market has caused sweeping ramifications for everyone from industry executives down to their employees who are work every day in oil and gas manufacturing facilities. These far-reaching effects have been seen on a global scale as a result of over-production, international governmental relationships, and general public demand. Many industry experts have been working diligently to anticipate and forecast evolving trends and changes in the oil industry, and fortunately, there seems to be a general consensus that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Read more in this FuelFix [] blog about how the global economy is affecting the oil and gas market and what this means for the crude oil market today.

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