Introducing SeparatoR – ½” Polyisocyanurate Foam Board

JM is proud to introduce SeparatoR® Board. SeparatoR is a ½” polyisocyanurate board designed especially for recover and metal-retrofit roof systems. During the installation of these systems, a roof board is often used to “separate” the old roof from a new mechanically-attached single ply membrane. SeparatoR is the ideal board for this application. Unlike wood fiber boards, SeparatoR’s polyiso foam enjoys an R-value of 2.8, nearly double the 1.5 R-value associated with wood fiber.

SeparatoR is comprised of a 20psi foam core that is bonded with glass-reinforced (cellulose) facers allowing the board to provide a solid substrate for any recover or metal retro-fit roof system. The board is approved for use in roof systems requiring a JM Peak Advantage Guarantee when installed in approved mechanically-fastened single ply assemblies.

SeparatoR board is stocked at each of JM’s five polyiso plants located throughout North America as a make-to-order product with standard lead times of 14 days.

Please contact your JM Sales Representative to learn the value associated with JM’s new SeparatoR board compared to other products used in recovery and metal-retrofit jobs.

MJ Cusick
Portfolio Manager, Bituminous, Boards, & Insulations


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