Secrets To Success As A Young Corrosion Engineer: Britney Taylor Q&A

Corrosion Under Insulation is a very hot topic right now. Frankly, CUI is so specific that it requires engineering prowess to understand, research, and mitigate this issue in industrial applications. If you are an engineer looking to specialize in corrosion inhibition or if you are looking to hire a corrosion engineer this article from has unique insight into this field of work.

Britney Taylor is an engineer approaching five years of professional experience in oil and gas. She is also a NACE International-sponsored member of the Emerging Leaders Alliance (ELA). She currently works for Campos EPC, advising clients on how to ensure public safety, product reliability and regulatory compliance related to natural gas and hazardous liquids infrastructure, including integrity assessments (ILI, pressure testing, ECDA), corrosion mitigation and cathodic protection”