The Type Of Insulation Impacts System Efficiency

What insulation type do I use? There are many types of industrial insulation to choose from when designing a system. It is important to determine what type of insulation matches the requirements of your system and the proper insulation thickness for the application. These considerations have major impact on your system efficiency. This article from NAIMA helps to compare different industrial insulation types, you can read more here. Another very useful tool in determining what type of insulation you should use for your application is the PART tool (download here). This tool will help you decide between Calcium Silicate, Expanded Perlite, Minerwool, or Blanket insulation based on your system requirements. Regarding insulation thickness, the tool we like to use most frequently for these calculations is NAIMA 3E Plus this software will help to analyze your system and the conditions it will operate in to accurately determine the insulation thickness required for your application.