New Webinar: Understanding Insulation Chemistry Proven to Inhibit CUI

When it comes to inhibiting corrosion under insulation (CUI) there are many different approaches. These can run the gamut from hydrophobic insulations to active corrosion inhibitors. The range of options can create confusion about which is the right path for a given application.

For those who need clarity on the subject, one of the resident experts at Johns Manville Industrial Insulation Group will be providing answers at an upcoming webinar on Wednesday September 30th at 2PM EDT .  Senior Western Specification Representative David Shong will address the various options available for conquering CUI, explain the ASTM test methods used to evaluate a given insulation’s CUI performance, and talk about the chemistry behind the only method that actively protects against corrosion. You may be surprised to discover that corrosion prevention isn’t just about hydrophobicity.