All About MinWool-1200® Field-Formed Pipe Insulation

MinWool-1200 Field-Formed pipe insulation is a mineral wool insulation that ships flat and is formed on-site to fit specific pipe sizes. During the manufacturing process, v-grooves are cut into the insulation and then coated with a contact adhesive. When the insulation is bent into its curved form, the adhesive-coated grooves stick together, causing the insulation to hold its curved shape.

This v-grooving and on-site bending allows for the insulation to be shipped flat and then is easily wrapped around the pipe on the job site — ultimately saving on storage space, shipping costs, and installation time. Since MinWool-1200 Field-Formed is light-weight and easy to cut with a knife, on site job fabrication is simple and efficient. It can also be installed directly onto a hot pipe, eliminating the need for a system shutdown and a staged heat-up.

Field-Formed Pipe Section: The factory applies adhesive in the v-grooves so the material is easily formed into a pipe section. The hinge is created during the manufacturing process.

MinWool-1200 is designed for industrial and commercial applications that operate at temperatures ranging between ambient to 1200°F (650°C). It is manufactured by Johns Manville Industrial Insulation Group to fit a variety of different NPS pipe sizes, copper tubing, as well as a number of different facing options. Field-Formed is one of the only insulations available that ships flat, which means that there is room for 105% more material on each truckload and less storage space required at the job site.

The product also demonstrates extremely low shrinkage, which helps prevent gaps from forming at joints after the installation,  and preventing costly thermal leaks. It can be factory or field jacketed, and it is engineered for an exact fit per pipe size.

Consider the benefits:

  • Ships flat
  • Delivers thermal performance
  • Low dust; mold-resistant
  • Passes ASTM C795 corrosion testing
  • Dimensionally stable at high temperatures
  • Non-combustible
  • Low material cost

You can download the “Product Spotlight” with more details about MinWool-1200® Field-Formed Pipe Insulation below.