Thermo-12® Gold Calcium Silicate Insulation: What Changed In 2002?

Calcium silicate insulation has a long history of proven performance dating back to the 1950s. By 2002, Thermo-12 Gold calcium silicate pipe and block insulation had evolved into a safe, high-performing industrial insulation featuring high-temperature stability, high compressive strength and resistance to vibration.

Despite its stellar performance, however, this insulation workhorse historically had one major drawback: it was susceptible to corrosion under insulation (CUI), which made it a less viable option for some high-temperature applications. As the industry began to recognize CUI as an increasingly important issue, Industrial Insulation Group began to rethink the Thermo-12 Gold calcium silicate product formulation. This ultimately led to the next evolution in the product, and to put it simply, this is not your father’s Thermo-12 Gold calcium silicate.

In 2002, Industrial Insulation Group modified the formulation to accommodate new components to the batch mixture. This change allowed the material in the slurry to flow more easily during the manufacturing process and provided three improvements to the product performance:

  • Increased compressive strength
  • Increased thermal performance
  • Greatly improved CUI performance with XOX™ active corrosion inhibitor

The change in the formulation was a big step in the evolution of Thermo-12 Gold calcium silicate; it is now an insulation material that actively inhibits corrosion under insulation.

This active corrosion inhibitor, XOX, is part of the packaged proprietary blend of compounds within the product formulation. When tested in accordance to ASTM C1617, Thermo-12 Gold with XOX has been shown to have a lower mass loss corrosion rate (MLCR) of steel than the deionized water reference sample due to the active corrosion inhibitor. As of 2002, XOX was integral to all Industrial Insulation Group’s Thermo-12 Gold calcium silicate pipe and block insulation. The package constitutes about 95% of the raw material inputs and will provide corrosion protection to the outside surface of the pipe and equipment for the entire service life of the insulation. Any water that penetrates the insulation system actually helps activate the components of the corrosion inhibitor XOX, making it effective in any environment – wet or dry.

Since 2002, Thermo-12 Gold calcium silicate has provided improved compressive-strength, thermal performance and CUI protection. These benefits enable customers to be confident that when choosing Thermo-12 Gold calcium silicate they are protecting their bottom line as well as their process equipment for the life of the insulation. With these improvements, it has become the “go-to” product for most industrial applications.