Facts for Comparison: Thermo-12 Gold Calcium Silicate Insulation vs Silica Aerogel

There are two facts worth considering when evaluating two established high-temperature industrial insulation solutions — specifically Thermo-12 Gold calcium silicate with XOX and silica aerogel. One fact involves a comparison of their installed costs, and the other relates to their contrasting performance as inhibitors of corrosion under insulation. Here is what recent reporting and testing shows:

Fact Number One: Contractors from five major geographical regions across North America reported that their average installed costs for insulating a typical iron pipe operating at 600º F were significantly less for Thermo-12 Gold when compared to silica aerogel. For three-inch iron pipe, the savings using Thermo-12 Gold was 28%. For eight-inch iron pipe the savings was 31%.

Fact Number Two: CUI testing by an independent laboratory in accordance with ASTM C1617 demonstrated that Thermo-12 Gold measurably outperformed the silica aerogel insulation in a comparison of their relative mass loss corrosion rates (MLCR). In other words, for inhibiting CUI, Thermo-12 Gold with XOX proved to be the better choice.

Here is a downloadable PDF that documents the facts and details the product comparisons.