Dealing with Multiple Generations at Work

Today’s personnel in the insulation, energy, power and petrochemical industries are a mix of four generations, with employees ranging in age from 20-somethings to employees in their seventies. Many veteran workers —as well as those in the middle range of experience—are struggling to understand, and be understood by, younger generations; and the people who want to sell to people with a big age difference are often stumped when determining the best way to appeal to them.

According to Insulation Outlook, the trick is not just to educate yourself on what makes each generation unique, but to move beyond that awareness to take solid, specific actions that will build customer confidence and trust, and lead to sales results. The article offers insights about the contrast in tastes, presentation and behavior among the different age groups, and offers specific suggestions for interacting with “silent generation” elders, boomers, gen X-ers and millennials.