The Key Causes Of System-Dependent Corrosion In Piping Systems

In any piping system, a variety of factors operating alone or together will have an effect on the rate of corrosion occurring in a pipe and thus its service lifetime. Every piping system, in fact, has specific susceptibilities, precise corrosion threats, engineering schemes and faults, and maintenance necessities. Depending on the degree of those factors, a brand new piping system will show signs of corrosive wear in as little as two years after installation.

In principle, no material is entirely corrosion-resistant. However, materials react differently depending on the conditions to which they’re exposed. Beneath unfavorable conditions, corrosion may be intensive, while under ideal conditions, materials might corrode very little. Corrosion is thus not material-dependent, but system-dependent. A necessity for developing a corrosion-protection strategy that might stand up to the severest of conditions and thus prolong the lifespan of products is knowledge concerning the underlying system dependency that causes corrosion damage.