A Source For Information On Energy Industry Asset Integrity And Reliability

Inspectioneering calls itself the “go-to source for practical information that can improve individual performance and operational efficiencies”  in the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries. The publication’s technical articles are designed specifically for professionals with inspection, maintenance, engineering, and management responsibilities.

Inspectioneering puts out a bi-monthly Journal, a weekly e-newsletter and encompasses a global community in more than 100 countries interested in subjects such as inspection technologies & methodologies, risk-based inspection, corrosion & materials, maintenance planning & best practices, fitness for service, process safety management, non-destructive testing, training and certification. A one-year subscription to the print publications and access to the Inspectioneering website costs $180 a year. Online only: $120. A quick look at the recent editorial calendar will help you assess the value of subscribing.