ASTM C553: The Standard Specification for Mineral Fiber Blanket Insulation for Industrial Applications

There are numerous specification standards for various high temperature insulation applications. You have only to look at the ASTM thermal insulation library to see how many might apply to a specific project. One that is particularly relevant for industrial purposes is ASTM C553, which covers the classification, composition, physical properties, and dimensions of mineral fiber (rock, slag, or glass) blanket intended for use as thermal insulation on surfaces at various temperature ranges.

The ASTM C553 standard dictates that the mineral fiber blanket insulation is classified into seven types (Types I through VII) based on the insulations’ maximum use temperature, apparent thermal conductivity, water vapor sorption, and surface burning characteristics.  It says, mineral fiber blanket insulation “shall be composed of rock, slag, or glass processed from the molten state into fibrous form bonded with an organic or inorganic binder, or both.”