Eliminating Corrosion Hazards in the Project Design Phase

Corrosion is a global menace, an electrochemical reaction that costs billions of dollars in maintenance and restoration costs and may lead to catastrophic incidents if not properly managed or prevented. According to an article in Corrosionpedia , it’s never too soon to start planning for it. Effective corrosion control, they say, requires that designers integrate measures at an early stage in the design phase. “Understanding factors contributing to the various types of corrosion in any specific environment is important in designing equipment with suitable corrosion protection that will last throughout its life cycle.”

There are many variables to weigh during the project design phase. These include factors that increase the anticipated rate of corrosion such as temperature, pH, humidity, pressure and the rate of wear and abrasion. Other factors include material selection, the  installation environment and potential corrosion control measures like sealants or corrosion-inhibiting compounds, which should be addressed early in the design phase to establish an optimum and reliable solution. In other words, it pays to plan.