Technical Centers

It’s here that Johns Manville innovation is born. Our five Technical Centers are the heart and soul of our R&D process. Staffed with highly skilled professionals, we test and develop technology-based solutions for specific market needs. These centers are also designed to be your go-to partner when looking for engineered solutions that satisfy your unique requirements.

JM Technical Center: Littleton, Colorado

This world-class research and development facility plays an important role in our product development and quality assurance program. It also gives us the ability to design and/or engineer systems and solutions to meet your unique needs. Capabilities include:

Reverberation Room
Definitive testing for random incidence of sound absorption.

Microstructural Analysis
Analysis of glass and polymeric fibers and general materials characterization utilizing surface techniques and electron probe analysis.

Hemi-Anechoic Chamber
Determination of sound power levels of noise sources using sound intensity.

Heat Transfer Testing
Thermal measurement laboratory analyzing materials in heat-transfer mechanisms.

Fire Testing
Computerized testing providing time-temperature profiles, flame spread and smoke density data.

Chemical Analysis
Complete organic analysis using a combination of infrared spectroscopy and microscopy, gas and liquid chromatography, mass spectral, and wet chemical techniques.

Waterville, Ohio

JM’s center of innovation and product development for North American glass fibers and nonwovens. Capabilities include a wet-laid pilot line for product development and sampling for customer trials; handsheet former, physical and mechanical strength testing; nonwoven characterization; and a pleater and flat-sheet tester for filtration applications.

Bobingen, Germany

Our center of excellence for our European synthetic nonwovens technology. Capabilities include a binder research lab, a lab spinning unit and a pilot line to develop and produce mat for customer trials and product qualification.

Wertheim, Germany

The base of JM’s glass nonwovens technology team for our European business. Capabilities include lab equipment for handsheet forming and coating, binder development and testing, a variety of analytical methods and a wet-laid pilot line. 

Trnava, Slovakia

Evaluation center for JM’s developmental and marketed products in three main product groups: chopped strands, direct rovings and assembled rovings. Capabilities include three pilot lines (injection-molded thermoplastics, sheet mold compounds and bulk mold compounds); a mechanical lab where the mechanical properties of prepared thermoplastic and thermoset matrixes reinforced with glass fiber are evaluated; lumisizer analysis of developmental and standard sizing; and raw material stability and analyzation of glass product properties.