Mar. 27, 2019
Ames Kulprathipanja, Kelly Sandin, & Kim Melton
Dealing with Dust
When installing industrial insulation, dust is almost always a given– regardless of what type of material is being used. For this reason, most manufacturers have personal pro...
Feb. 25, 2019
Kim Melton
In the Growing Trend Toward Water-resistance, What Are My Insulating Options?
Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a hot-button issue for the industrial industry, and rightfully so. Studies have shown that CUI is the cause of 40-60% of the money spent o...
Jan. 16, 2019
Kim Melton
JM's Top Webinars from 2018
We had a lot of great webinars in 2018, and we’ve taken a few minutes to dig into which ones were the most popular. Below, we’ve outlined our top three webinars from the year...
Nov. 07, 2018
Kim Melton
Using Hydrophobicity & Hybrids in the Battle Against CUI
It may be tempting to assume that utilizing a hydrophobic blanket insulation, like InsulThin® HT or silica aerogel blankets, will be sufficient to address CUI, but it’s impor...
Nov. 07, 2018
Insulation Outlook
Exploring Insulation Materials: Microporous Insulation
Microporous insulation is a composite material in the form of compacted powder or fibers with an average interconnecting pore size comparable to or below the mean free path o...
Oct. 17, 2018
Kim Melton
Considerations for Thin Blanket Insulations
As the industrial industry evolves, new insulation technology has emerged to meet the changing needs of the industry. One of the latest introductions has been thin, blanket i...
Sep. 18, 2018
Kim Melton
5 Key Takeaways from Webinar - CUI Test Results: Understanding the Corrosive Mechanism
Last week, we hosted CUI Test Results: Understanding the Corrosive Mechanism, a live webinar detailing the latest test results from the most recent long-term corrosion under ...
Feb. 06, 2018
Doug Fast
Steps to Reduce Insulation Drying Time
Flooding and strong, wind-driven rain events have historically been a thorn in the side of installers, designers, and engineers who specify insulation systems.
Nov. 15, 2017
JM Editors
New InsulThin HT Installation Guide Available!
We’ve released the InsulThin™ HT Installation Guide!Thin blanket insulations, like InsulThin™ HT, are one of the more recent (relatively) innovations in the industrial insula...
Oct. 04, 2017
Doug Fast
Don't Settle When it Comes to Vibration: Part 2
We recently published Part 1 of the blog series,Don’t Settle When It Comes to Vibration. The previous blog addressed several types of insulation that you can use in high-temp...
Sep. 21, 2017
Doug Fast
Don’t Settle When It Comes to Vibration: Part 1
High-temperature, industrial insulations operate in hostile environments that would melt, shatter, or otherwise destroy other types of insulating materials such as plastics, ...
Jul. 26, 2017
Zoran K. Morvay & Dusan D. Gvozdenac
Applied Industrial Energy and Environmental Management
Any surface which is hotter than its surroundings will lose heat. The heat loss depends on many factors, but the surface temperature and its size are dominant. Putting the in...
May. 17, 2017
JM Editors
What You Need to Know about Corrosion Prevention Technologies
The most recent estimates from the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) put the global cost of corrosion into the trillions of dollars1. These costs include cor...
Apr. 05, 2017
JM Editors
Are You Using the Right Insulation?
Selecting the proper insulation for any given application is crucial to designing an efficient, high-performing system.&nbsp
Jul. 29, 2015
JM Editors
Technical Update: New Insulation Data on Thermal Conductivity and Why You Need It
“We thought we had the answers. It was the questions we had wrong.”-BonoBono may have been on to something – you can’t make a well-informed decision if you’re not aware you’r...
Oct. 01, 2014
Bob Bunn
“Bring On the Heat”
There is a common notion that all industrial insulations show a decrease in performance as process temperatures rise. While this may be true in most cases, not all industrial...
Aug. 20, 2014
JM Editors
Here’s the New InsulThin HT Installation Guide
InsulThin™ HT, the latest product addition to IIG’s expansive line of high-performance solutions for industrial insulation, now has an&nbsp
Aug. 06, 2014
JM Editors
InsulThin™ HT – A Versatile Insulation Solution
InsulThin HT’s value isn’t hard to recognize – it’s in the name. InsulThin HT is a hydrophobic, thin, blanket insulation that is ideal for applications where space is limited...
Jul. 23, 2014
David Shong
Frequently Asked Questions About InsulThin™ HT
InsulThin HT is a new, high-temperature blanket insulation from IIG, a Johns Manville company.Q. InsulThin HT is referred to as “microporous.” What does that mean?A. “Micropo...
Jun. 11, 2014
JM Editors
When and Where IIG’s New InsulThin™ HT Makes Perfect Sense
Microporous insulation is a very thin, highly efficient material that has been used in aerospace and other high-tech industries for more than 35 years. Insulation powerhouse ...