Mar. 16, 2020
Understanding the Mechanism and Longevity of Corrosion Inhibitors: Part II
Feb. 25, 2019
Kim Melton
In the Growing Trend Toward Water-resistance, What Are My Insulating Options?
Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a hot-button issue for the industrial industry, and rightfully so. Studies have shown that CUI is the cause of 40-60% of the money spent o...
Feb. 25, 2019
Michael Lowes
Mitigation of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) of Carbon Steel of Different Insulating Materials
Equipment often found in refineries may be enveloped in insulation and weathering jackets to maintain internal processing temperatures. In many cases moisture from the enviro...
Jan. 16, 2019
Kim Melton
JM's Top Webinars from 2018
We had a lot of great webinars in 2018, and we’ve taken a few minutes to dig into which ones were the most popular. Below, we’ve outlined our top three webinars from the year...
Nov. 07, 2018
Kim Melton
Using Hydrophobicity & Hybrids in the Battle Against CUI
It may be tempting to assume that utilizing a hydrophobic blanket insulation, like InsulThin® HT or silica aerogel blankets, will be sufficient to address CUI, but it’s impor...
Sep. 18, 2018
Kim Melton
5 Key Takeaways from Webinar - CUI Test Results: Understanding the Corrosive Mechanism
Last week, we hosted CUI Test Results: Understanding the Corrosive Mechanism, a live webinar detailing the latest test results from the most recent long-term corrosion under ...
Sep. 18, 2018
Johan Sentjens
Corrosion Under Insulation: The Challenge and Need for Insulation
When it comes to corrosion under insulation (CUI), I tend to call it a "minefield," and for more than one reason. It’s not only a hidden phenomenon, but it's also one that ca...
Aug. 08, 2018
Marybeth Jones
Mechanisms of Corrosion Inhibitors & How They Work
Last month, we published a blog titled Accelerated System Corrosion Testing with Calcium Silicate and Perlite Insulations.&nbsp
Jul. 11, 2018
Ames Kulprathipanja
Accelerated Corrosion Testing with Calcium Silicate & Perlite Insulations
Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a concern that industrial owners, engineers, and contractors spend a great deal of time managing every day.&nbsp
Jun. 14, 2018
Kim Melton & Ames Kulprathipanja
Long-Term Corrosion Testing: What Happened Next?
In 2017 and 2018, Johns Manville built upon the long-term, third-party corrosion testing we started in 2016, and the new results are in. The research sought to explore how co...
Aug. 30, 2017
JM Editors
Insulation Disaster Recovery
What you need to know about pipe and equipment insulation when disaster strikes.Pipe and vessel insulation has two critical roles in refineries and chemical processing plants...
Jul. 26, 2017
Larry Johns
Understanding the Performance Differences Between Expanded Perlite and Calcium Silicate
Johns Manville Industrial Insulation Group (JM IIG) offers two high-temperature industrial insulation products with exceptional compressive strength: Sproule WR-1200®, hydrop...
Jul. 26, 2017
Zoran K. Morvay & Dusan D. Gvozdenac
Applied Industrial Energy and Environmental Management
Any surface which is hotter than its surroundings will lose heat. The heat loss depends on many factors, but the surface temperature and its size are dominant. Putting the in...
May. 17, 2017
JM Editors
What You Need to Know about Corrosion Prevention Technologies
The most recent estimates from the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) put the global cost of corrosion into the trillions of dollars1. These costs include cor...
Apr. 05, 2017
JM Editors
Are You Using the Right Insulation?
Selecting the proper insulation for any given application is crucial to designing an efficient, high-performing system.&nbsp
May. 03, 2016
Jack Bitner
When To Use Double Layer Pre-molded Pipe Insulation
Double-Layer Pipe Insulation In discussions with industrial insulation customers, we are often asked when it’s appropriate to convert from single-layer insulation to double-l...
Jan. 27, 2016
JM Editors
The High Cost Of Corrosion
It’s no secret that corrosion under insulation (CUI) is one of the top concerns facing industry today. It affects everyone from facility owners to plant operators to workers,...
Oct. 21, 2015
JM Editors
Meeting The Standards Of ASTM C610 For Expanded Perlite Pipe And Block Insulation
The ASTM 610 specification covers molded expanded perlite block, fittings, and thermal pipe insulation intended for use on surfaces with temperatures between 80 to 1200°F (27...
Sep. 09, 2015
Jack Bittner and David Shong
Expanded Perlite Insulation: Why Hydrophobicity Is Only Part of the Solution to Prevent CUI
Expanded perlite has been a popular insulation in the humid climate of the Gulf Coast. For decades it has been used extensively in the oil and gas processing industries becau...
Apr. 22, 2015
JM Editors
Useful Facts About Sproule WR-1200® Perlite Insulation You Need to Know
Sproule WR-1200 is often specified for high-temperature applications up to 1200°F that may be subject to moisture or moist air triggering corrosion under insulation (CUI). It...