International Glass Artist Blends Illusion and Reality Using JM Materials

International Glass Artist Blends Illusion and Reality Using Johns Manville Materials

JM’s glass fiber nonwovens have several applications, but did you know art is one of them?

Recently, a world-renowned glass artist launched a months-long exhibition of unique artwork fabricated using JM fiberglass. 

Klaus U. Hilsbecher from Dusseldorf, Germany, is exhibiting work at the Glass Museum in Wertheim, featuring his unique creations made from JM materials. The exhibition explores the interplay between appearance and reality in art, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the world of experimental glass art. 

Klaus, who has been involved in glass art for more than 30 years and who is known for his innovative approach, showcases a collection of mesmerizing objects that challenge traditional perceptions of reality. His creations, fashioned from JM materials, blur the lines between reality and illusion, captivating the imagination viewers. 

The project has been a long time coming. JM was first in contact with Klaus back in 2016 when we provided him with product samples.  

“I put the first material sample in the burner oven and away it went,” he recalled. “For me, it's always been practice, practice, practice. And that's how it was with the glass fiber material.” 

A few years later and after many tries, he was able to create an impressive number of artworks based on JM materials. A selection of them are works are on display at the Glass Museum in Wertheim through January 6, 2024. 

The exhibition’s opening was attended by a number of JMers, including JM Wertheim Plant Leader Alex Ueckert, who celebrated and emphasized the successful cooperation with Klaus. 

“It is exciting to see what is possible with our products beyond technical applications and inspires me to always be open to new perspectives,” Alex said. “The cooperation with Mr. Hilsbecher is truly an interesting adventure for us.”