The Benefits of Daylighting

Daylighting in commercial building construction is growing. This natural source of light that comes without charge has the potential to lower energy bill costs. Sometimes referred to as skylights, adding this element has additional benefits beyond reducing electrical lighting. Research by Marilyne Andersen, laureate of the Daylight Award research, found that “in terms of wellbeing, productivity and health, daylight can make a huge difference.” Building owners can see positive impacts on their energy costs, as well as the atmosphere of their space. The key is to utilize the proper type of skylight with the performance and materials to best suit the application.

The Johns Manville Daylighting Program offers design assistance by partnering with Logistics Lighting to meet your total roofing solutions. Daylighting can be included in up to a 20-year warranty on most Velux® and Kingspan® products when combined with the JM Peak Advantage® Guarantee 20-year NDL. Considering that skylights can cover on average 2%-5% of the total roof area, that additional coverage is imperative. Contact your sales representative today for more details.

Credit: Daylight and Architeture