An Overview on Industrial Hygiene Hazards and Controls

More than 40% of the OSHA compliance officers who inspect America’s workplaces are industrial hygienists ( Industrial Hygiene (IH) is the practice of regulating, anticipating, evaluating and participating in the prevention of hazards within the workplace that will affect the wellbeing of workers.

Health and safety hazards cover a wide-range of physical, chemical and biological stressors which may cause sickness, impaired health or significant discomfort among workers or citizens of your community.

There are numerous hazards that can exist between employees who work with chemicals, pathogens and contaminants. Setting practice controls ensure that the environmental and physical hazards are best taken care of in a developed and mandated setting.

Some types of hazards, as categorized by OSHA1, are: here to read about the most common types of hazards and controls in industrial facilities.