JM's Top Webinars from 2018

We had a lot of great webinars in 2018, and we’ve taken a few minutes to dig into which ones were the most popular. Below, we’ve outlined our top three webinars from the year. You can find all of them on The Source or link directly to them from the article below.

  1. CUI Test Results: Understanding the Corrosive Mechanism: Our most popular webinar for the year built on the latest, ground-breaking CUI research that explores how insulation influences corrosion in long-term test environments designed to replicate real-world conditions. The latest research explores how calcium silicate, expanded perlite, and silica aerogel perform in long-term tests in environments designed to accelerate corrosion.

    The webinar also explores what the research tells us about the mechanism of corrosion inhibitors, and how they help inhibit corrosion from forming on the pipe surface.

  2. Considerations for Thin Blanket Insulations: There are many intricacies at play when it comes to designing insulation systems to optimize process control, but when it comes to thin blanket insulation, there are additional details that system designers need to take into account – like thermal shift, pipe geometry, and even hydrophobicity. This webinar dives into the must-know details about thin blanket insulations that can help you ensure your system operates as designed.

    Your hosts will also take you through a detailed look at the latest results from thin blanket insulation industrial hygiene sampling that demonstrate that thin blankets vary widely in the volume of dust generated during fabrication and installation.

  3. Know the Code: Understanding Industrial Standards & Specifications: Every year, new technology, research, and regulations drive changes in industrial specification requirements.  These changes create a dynamic environment where it can be difficult to keep specifications up to date. That’s why it’s crucial to know in advance what future evolutions are in store for industrial standards.

    Mary Mikolajewski, from ASTM, and Doug Fast, from Johns Manville, discuss the latest evolutions in industrial specification requirements, and how you can use insulating materials to ensure your system is up to spec.

If these webinars don’t cover exactly what you’re looking for, take a few minutes to peruse the rest of the content we have on The Source. While these are the most popular webinars from 2018, we have many more covering a wide range of topics, from CUI, to maintenance turnarounds, to understanding industrial acoustics. You’ll also find access to our blog, online specification resources, and a document library on The Source